So, what's next?

The idea to create a blog has been in the back of my mind since I graduated from college in May. I even made a post about it on Instagram, but clearly that didn't help push me to actually put the time into making it. But, I'm finally here writing a post and potentially starting something great.

Originally, I wanted to create a space discussing the hardships, or should I say challenges, of being a recent college grad and not really knowing what you want to do next. While that's definitely still going to be discussed because I'm still in the midst of those challenges, this is really going to be a place (hopefully) where I share a part of myself that no one really gets to see. I definitely have journals for the super secret special stuff that will never be discussed aloud, but for the things that can be talked about, they will.

Now, don't get too excited because apparently I'm a hard nut to crack. But, just in case, I hope you enjoy the complex ride that is to come.

Til later, Kadijah