despite everyone else with a job or school saying today is the worst day, monday is actually one of my favorites. three things: my job isn't super stressful (that's sunday), it's #motivationmonday, and i get to start the week off right. or definitely try to.  

last week, i had the pleasure and honor of working with ms. shavana clarke (@shavanaclrk) for the second time. it took us literally a year to get back together again but it was well worth the wait- as you'll see in the images to come.  

shavana is a dream because she knows what she's doing. she's not even a signed, professional model, ya'll! she's a super talented actress that is no doubt GREAT at what she does (i can tell just from her natural grace in front of the lens). this time hit the mark like the last and i'm so happy to share.

OK, enough of the gushing. here are le final edits: