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My name is Kadijah. I'm a native New Yorker, recent college graduate, book lover, visual story teller, along with many other traits that make me, me. As I navigate in this really big, small world, I wish and look forward to connecting with individuals that want to create something special that will last a lifetime.

I love capturing moments. Honestly, putting myself in a box within this field is exhausting to even think about. I shoot portraits, editorials, fashion, concerts, and much more because I like to expand my talents and try new things. If you have an idea, I'm all in to try and make your vision into a reality. For me, everything is a growing and learning experience. I want to be great at a lot of styles within the photography world rather than just specialize in one genre.

So, if you're interested, reach out and let's start creating! I'm a collaborator. Let's make magic together.